Open source glossary of API terms, acronyms and industry buzzwords.
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API Glossary

An educational and collaborative project with the mission to help define a new API industry.

  • Get the foundational knowledge you need to dive right into API use, design, and development.
  • Explain APIs and related technology to nontechs, without mumbling something from the RFC.
  • Develop your own API using industry leading standards, design patterns and documentation.


Everyone is welcome to contribute by submitting a pull request, opening an issue or sharing the project. Any and all feedback, suggestions and lively discussions are highly encouraged.

Existing terms are located in the terms directory and described using YAML frontmatter & markdown.

term: Term
description: A short description of the term that will be used on the index.
author: Montana Flynn

## GitHub Flavored Markdown
Where you can put detailed content such as examples, diagrams, related terms, etc...