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Espresso: 	Apple TV 5.0+ custom plugin loader.
What:		The title pretty much says it all.
Why:		So you can load your own custom plugins
Who:		Brandon Holland (

Espresso searches and loads plugins called "Frappuccinos" from the folder. You'll have to create this folder.

Espresso does not load an frappliance as most Apple TV Developers would 
be  accustomed to, instead it loads frappuccinos. A Frappuccino is an NSBundle 
with the frappuccino file extension. It contains a binary (containing the plugin code), 
an Info.plist, and resources. 

The principal class of a Frappuccino should be a subclass of BRController that you create. 
This will be the controller that gets displayed when your app button gets selected on the main menu.

There are some custom keys that should be added to each Frappuccinos Info.plist. 
These keys are used to define the appearance of the app button in the main menu. 

The keys are:

EPFrappuccino 			(dct)	Dictionary containing all other keys + values
EPFrappuccinoIdentifier		(str) 	Unique identifier for plugin
EPFrappuccinoTitle		(str)	Display title for icon on main menu
EPFrappuccinoImageName 		(str)  	Image name (including extension) for icon within plugin bundle
EPFrappuccinoPreferredOrder 	(num)	Used to determine placement of your icon on the main menu

Espresso is not meant as a replacement for DHowett's beigelist. Instead exists as a collection 
of ideas, research, and solutions in the form of an implementation. Hopefully the work here can be 
leveraged somehow. Use at your own risk.