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I downloaded the patchstick creator for windows, extracted the files, and
ran mk-atv-xbmc-ssh as directed.  Once everything was finished downloading,
extracting, etc in the Command Prompt, I attempted to use USB Tool to put
the image on my USB drive.  

Followed the prompts in that program (switch to device mode, choose correct
drive, click restore, choose the .img file, read pop-up screen, click OK,
remove and re-insert drive as directed, click OK, and the process starts. 
It gets about 10 percent of the way through, and stops.  No error message
or anything, it just stops and looks as it did when the program was first

I "think" there is some sort of an issue with the "Extracting the Target
Disk Image" part of the process in DOS, as the screen says "...this is a
lengthy process, and this will take 5-10 minutes."  For me it took 20
seconds according to the timestamps, and then moved on to the next step
(Injecting boot.efi)

I have tried re-downloading the original files, re-running the process, and
the results are the same every time.

Not sure if you need other info from me, just let me know.


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edit the batch file a look for the sections description checking the MD5 check 
sum of the disk image before and 
after boot.efi injection. The md5 checksum should match.

The extraction times are estimates that will depend on the speed of your 

WinXP or Vista?

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Same exact thing happened to me.  I thought something was wrong, but I noticed 
my USB drive showed as 244 MB.  The process actually completed successfully.  
plugging it in to the ATV and restarting the box.

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I'm using Vista.

Followed joncowan's advice and it worked when I threw the USB drive into the 
did have to run update on boxee and XBMC on the ATV because the files were not 
when I tried to launch immediately after booting off the stick (don't know if 
normally have to update immediately).  After I downloaded and installed all 
three of
the updates, it works.

Thanks a bunch.


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