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MCP3424 Example Code for ThreeML Analog Persistence

Thank you to Alex Young (nullseed)! This code is copied and modified from his original repository.

Linux userspace I2C module for the MCP3424 ADC. Code was originally ported from the code found here. This has been used with ABElectronics' ADC Pi and ADC Pi Plus. See main.c for an example of how to use the module.

Important Note!!

The jumpers on the Analog Persistence are set by default for 4-20mA devices!!! You must set the jumpers if you wish to use the device to read 0-10V sensors or you will seriously harm the board!


This module depends on libi2c-dev which can be installed on debian by running sudo apt-get install libi2c-dev.

Building and running

To compile main.c run:


to test run:


By default, the i2c address is set to the Analog Persistence address. If for some reason you think the address on your system is different, modify the source as such.

Happy hacking!