BoilerPlate with AngularJS to build web apps for product configuration using davitec's dvConfig API (
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You find a running demo of this BoilerPlate at

For more details and ressources, go to

  • documentation
  • apikey generator
  • support ticket system
  • getting started guide

Getting started:

  1. run boilerplate in a webserver, e.g. local apache vhost => call index.html as http://** not as file://**
  2. copy/rename and edit ServerCode/settings.example.json to ServerCode/settings.json (add your own Apikey and Token, you get them on
  3. browse to http://<your_boilerplate_at_localhost>/index.html
  4. edit ServerCode/product/Schreibtisch.xml as you like
  5. edit src/ to change dvconfig.js and grunt it (./Gruntfile.js)

More details on first steps:

Trouble Shooting

Just downloading and browse to index.html will show no product data:

  • check console: if you get a lot of errors like "b is undefined" etc in your browsers console: you need an apache vhost, dont call it as file:///dvConfig-BoilerPlate/index.html

If you run as apache vhost and you will still get no product data:

  • check network communication of your browser, LoadSettings.php might give a 400 response if settings fail (wrong apikey etc) ..
  • you will find error description from api in the HTTP response
  • apikey/token pair is bound to IP, so you need to change it, if you use different IPs


  • register at and create apikey
  • edit ServerCode/settings.json (renamed from ServerCode/settings.example.json)

HTTP response of LoadSettings.php should now be 200 OK, and response body contains json with sessionkey (that is used by app/dvconfig.js)

In Case of editing the product xml and errors:

  • HTTP GET to initproduct.php will fail, response body contains the xml Parser error

How to use BoilerPlate locally:


  • AngularJS App app/dvconfig.js is grunted from src/*
  • edit src and use grunt to concat dvconfig.js (see
  • see Gruntfile.js
  • folder node_modules is grunt stuff as well


  • here you find some php files, that initialize api and containts product xml (ServerCode/products/Schreibtisch.xml)
  • you might integrate servercode to your own system or rewrite completely
  • ServerCode is intended for demo, so it is kept as simple as possible (ignoring code quality / coding style issues)
  • InitProduct.php and LoadSettings.php are called via HTTP requests from AngularJS (app/dvconfig.js)
  • for simplicity, we use CURL requests (might be not done in best style, but works for demo)


  • some Angular JS stuff, that is used by grunt to concat app/dvconfig.js


  • HTML widgets, that you can use to display features and attribute via the respective dvcoonfig.js Angular Directive
  • have a look to ./css folder as well

js/, bootstrap/

  • some stuff like bootstrap, jquery etc to have a local copy (not necessary for online version, just for local dev)