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A Perl script to manipulate tags on a variety of audio file types.

Requires the following Perl modules:

  • Modern::Perl
  • Getopt::Long
  • Pod::Usage
  • Data::Dumper
  • File::stat
  • File::Temp
  • File::Slurp
  • Date::Manip::Delta
  • Date::Manip::TZ
  • Audio::TagLib
  • TryCatch
  • HTML::Restrict

Installing Audio::TagLib might be problematic and seems to require the prior installation of the TagLib package (libtag1-dev on Debian).

Update 2016-12-09

It looks as if Audio::TagLib has vanished from the CPAN repository. It is not clear why, although the module has apparently not been actively maintained for some time. Looking at the equivalent interface libraries for Python and Ruby, neither have they. This in itself does not seem to be a reason to drop it, since the TagLib API hasn't changed to my knowledge.

The module can still be downloaded and installed thus:

$ wget
$ tar -xvzf Audio-TagLib-1.65.tar.gz
$ cd Audio-TagLib-1.65/
$ perl Makefile.PL
$ make
$ make test    # should get the result 'PASS'
$ sudo make install

Update 2019-06-26

As of today (and for some time probably) Audio::TagLib is back in CPAN. The current version is 1.67.

Created fix_tags.bin, which is a binary version of fix_tags which can run stand-alone. It is not a container, just the encapsulation of the Perl script as a binary. It's slow to start, but does actually work, and is a way of avoiding having to install and build all the components listed above.

Update 2019-07-14

I should have noted how I created fix_tags.bin. I used the module called 'pp - PAR Packager' which is documented online at I used the pp command it provides to bundle everything into a single binary file with the command:

$ pp -o fix_tags.bin fix_tags


The script is intended to be self-documenting. Run:

fix_tags -help

for basic help, or use perldoc in this way (against the Perl script, not the binary file):

perldoc -oman /path/to/fix_tags

to obtain the full help in Man format.

To create a PDF version of the documentation:

pod2pdf /path/to/fix_tags --out=fix_tags.pdf

Where pod2pdf comes from App::pod2pdf


A Perl script to manipulate tags on a variety of audio file types.







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