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with credit to the person who made the original script @

I have tweaked it .

i understand the pictures aren't as pretty when not using photomode but this way you get to see the seed in the image so its easier to share/etc.

the scripts for each type are in the relevant folder(s) root(s)


1. start with game already loaded -> go to the inventory menu and go to the appropriate thing you want screen shots of then hit tab to close the window.. this is for ships and multitools. freighters require you to select backpack before starting the script
2. load up the NMS Editor Jar file and leave it on the first tab (
3. run the AHK script by loading it and hitting F3.   F2 will reload the script and F1 will end ti
4.  also you may want to edit the script a bit if your game path isnt F:\SHTEEM\ 
5. also you may want to have saves in all slots in a safe place like a starbase or freighter this way when it recovers from a crash it will properly resume the screenshotting and cataloging

as always.. this is github PLEASE CONTRIBUTE with your own researched ships.  4k screenhots are 1.3mb each which is fine imho. i have included the thumbnail renaming in the scripts too