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IRC<->XMPP relay. Designed to work well with Gtalk.

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This bot relays messages between IRC and Jabber/XMPP/Gtalk. It will also relay private messages.


Create a file called settings.conf in the same directory as your jar file. The easiest thing will most likely be if you base in on the settings.conf.example file that can be found in this repository.

After that type this to run the program:

 java -jar dircbot.jar

I suggest that you run this program with screen.


Use settings.conf.example as a base for a new example file. The example file needs to be placed in the same folder as the jar-file.

Most of the settings are self-explanatory except perhaps the optional option XMPPTRUSTEDSENDER. This option is basically tells dIRCbot to ignore all users that have this prefix in their nickname.

So lets say that you set the option to "al" and have three users in an IRC channel named "al-2", "al" and "bob". dIRCbot will now only relay messages from the user bob.

A list of supported encodings can be found here.



The following commands can only be run by XMPPTRUSTEDSENDER. They need to be written in the IRC channel.

  • !time displayes the current time.
  • !help shows a quick help message.
  • !stop stops forwarding messages.
  • !start resumes forwarding messages.


The following commands can only be sent from the XMPP client.

  • STOP stops forwarding messages from the IRC channel to the XMPP client.
  • START resumes forwarding messages.
  • STATUS tells you if message forwarding is turned on or off.
  • USERS shows a list of users connected to the channel.
  • RECONNECT disconnects from the IRC server and connects back to it.

Required libraries

The following libraries are required to be able to compile the source code:


If there's anything else, feed free to contact me at

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