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Added consultant details for Dave Cross

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@davorg authored
25 consultants/dave_cross.txt
@@ -1,17 +1,28 @@
name: Dave Cross
+img: davecross.jpg
twitter: davorg
gplus: +DaveCrossUK
country: UK
+location: London, UK
languages: English
-specialities: training,
+specialities: Training, Development, Writing
-<a href="">Magnum Solutions</a>, <a href="">Perl School</a>
-<a href="">Perl Hacks</a>
-Dave also runs <a href=""></a>, the community blog site of Perl.
+Dave has been using Perl since 1996. In 1998, he started the
+<a href="">London Perl Mongers</a>, the first Perl
+users' group outside of North America. He is still heavily involved with the
+Perl community and is one of the team running
+<a href=""></a>.
+Dave is the author of
+<a href="">Data Munging with Perl</a> and a
+co-author of <a href="">Perl
+Template Toolkit</a>. He has been training since 2000 and is a regular speaker
+at both Perl and Open Source conferences. Dave blogs about Perl at
+<a href="">Perl Hacks</a> and he offers training and
+consultancy through
+<a href="">Magnum Solutions</a> and
+<a href="">All Around The World</a>.
BIN  sites/en/img/davecross.jpg
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