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use File::Copy;
use Template;
use YAML 'LoadFile';
use constant TT => '/home/dave/src/release';
my $meta = LoadFile('META.yml');
my $build;
if (-f 'Build.PL') {
$build = { start => './Build.PL', cmd => './Build' };
} else {
$build = { start => './Makefile.PL', cmd => 'make' };
system "perl $build->{start}";
system "cover -delete";
system "HARNESS_PERL_SWITCHES=-MDevel::Cover $build->{cmd} test";
system "cover";
mkdir "$meta->{name}";
mkdir "$meta->{name}/cover";
foreach (<cover_db/*.html>, <cover_db/*.css>) {
copy "cover_db/$_", "$meta->{name}/cover/$_";
move "$meta->{name}/cover/coverage.html", "$meta->{name}/cover/index.html";
my $t = Template->new({INCLUDE_PATH => TT});
$t->process('', {}, "$meta->{name}/index.html")
or die $t->error;
my $ver = "$meta->{name}-$meta->{version}";
copy "$ver.tar.gz", "$meta->{name}";
chdir "$meta->{name}";
system "zcat $ver.tar.gz | tar xvf -";
move $ver, 'dist';
chdir '..';
system "scp -r ./$meta->{name} davorg\";
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