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@@ -31,12 +31,12 @@ The latest release version of WWW::Shorten can be downloaded
from any CPAN site:
Interim and development versions may also be available
-from the author's web site:
+from github:
WWW::Shorten is distributed as a gzipped tar archive file:
@@ -61,22 +61,6 @@ You can then 'cd' into the directory created,
-First, verify the package's integrity by ensuring you have
-Module::Signature installed, then type:
- % cpansign -v
-That will check each file's integrity, as well as the signature's
-validity, thus verifying the integrity of the entire package.
-If "==> Signature verified OK! <==" is not displayed, the
-distribution may already have been compromised, and you should not run
-its Makefile.PL.
-Ideally, you should confirm with a third party that the finger print and
-key id by which the signature was signed is indeed the key it is meant
-to be (ideally you'll have an appropriate web of trust set up, but
-that's not always possible).
The 'make install' (done later) will install the modules and scripts on
your system. You may need administrator privileges to perform this task.
Alternately you can install the module to a local directory (see
@@ -118,18 +102,3 @@ If it worked, then become root and type:
# make install
Congratulations. You've just installed WWW::Shorten.
-If you have a copy of cpantest installed, type:
- % cpantest -g pass -nc -p `basename \`pwd\`` -auto
- % cpantest -g pass -nc -p WWW-Shorten-1.88 -auto
-That will tell both me and other potential users that the module
-built correctly on your machine.
-Iain (aka Spoon).

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