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Bump version number for release.

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1 parent ca1fc85 commit 82ee1a7c7cfda0c2eb5c39b718670f7accdfd6d2 @davorg committed
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  1. +2 −2 lib/WWW/
4 lib/WWW/
@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ use warnings;
use base qw(WWW::Shorten::generic);
our @EXPORT = qw(makeashorterlink makealongerlink);
-our $VERSION = '3.03';
+our $VERSION = '3.04';
our $DEFAULT_SERVICE = 'Metamark';
@@ -160,7 +160,7 @@ volatility of this part of the web industry.
L<WWW::MakeAShorterLink> is what this module was originally based upon.
That module is obsoleted by L<WWW::Shorten::MakeAShorterLink>, one of
the many subclasses of L<WWW::Shorten>. Of course, with the demise of
-Make A Shorter Link, neither the obsolete module nor it's replacement are
+Make A Shorter Link, neither the obsolete module nor its replacement are
of any use.
=head2 Same Area, Different Purpose

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