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Perl interface to various URL-shortening sites

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    Interface to URL shortening sites.

For installation details, see INSTALL.

For usage, see the doco. Either use perldoc or view it
on the web at:

Changes for 1.88 (13 Nov 2003)
   - Added OneShortLink,
   - EkDk service removed.
   - ShortLink service removed.
   - qURL service removed.
   - TinyClick made their URLs slightly harder to find.
   - SmLnk ID scheme has changed.
   - Metamark tests tidied.
   - Notlong tests tidied.
   - Shorl test precedence fixed.
   - Mention CGI::Shorten.
   - Mention

For a complete list of changes, see the Changes file.

by Iain Truskett.
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