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Leon Brocard / Wed Aug 21 14:21:15 GMT 2002
Perl Monger Admin wiki:
Directory layout is as follows:
contains programs to build the site etc.
contains Template Toolkit templates
contains the actual text of the site
the output goes here
To build the site, run "bin/xml" from this directory.
To upload the site or a single file run "perl bin/dav2pm"
What this does is it takes the source files from src/ applies any
templates to them (from lib/), and writes the output to the www/
directory. Now have a look at the www directory - it contains the
lib/layout is the template which is applied to every page.
Note: whenever you refer to a page on our site inside a template,
please use the following mechanism, which changes the link to a
relative one so that we can build the site anywhere we want:
See [% link_to("foo.html", "the best foo") %].
Coordinate converter:
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