request for post install documents - running the exchange #94

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Install documents are good and make the process easy. Thank you.
Migration documents are a bit vague and not sure about those.
Problem: There is no documentations for post-installation procedures at all.

  1. What cronjobs must be running (in test and live environment)? - I guess the "config/schedule.rb" failed to parse at deployment. But there is no mention of this script anywhere in install doc's.
  2. how to import fake fiat currency balances to test/dev environment after accounts are crated so test trades of testnet bitcoins can be executed.
  3. Any administration and maintenance task one must know about?
  4. What additional software must be installed (sendmail? Apache?) and how configured so everything works as expected.
  5. any special tweaks for SQL server?
  6. recommended firewall settings?
  7. ho to remove/disable unwanted fiat currencies

This will take you probably 25 min to write - days for someone else, who is not familiar with your code

Thank you and keep up the good work.

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