Improved Covariance Matrix Estimators in R
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impcov R package

Fast, Robust and Tunning-Free Regularized Covariance Matrix Estimators

How To Install?

install_github(repo = "davidnexer/impcov")

Regularization Methods

  • Ledoit-Wolf (LW) Shrinkage Estimator [1]
  • Oracle Approximating Shrinkage (OAS) Estimator [2]
  • Schafer-Strimmer (SS) Shrinkage Estimator [3]
  • Reduced-Rank Estimator based on Probabilistic PCA (PPCA) [4]
  • Sparse Reduced-Rank Estimator based on Sparse Principal Components (SPC) [5]
  • Sparse Estimator based on Penalized Likelihood with Quadratic Approximation (QUIC) [6]

Coming Soon

  • Regularization of a covariance matrix estimate given by the user;
  • Weighted estimation based on sample weights given by the user.


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