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iTunes scripts
-iTunes scripts for common tasks as:
+These are iTunes scripts that I found essential to have, some of these scripts are from Doug Adams, other were adapted by me, and others (like queue) where created by myself.
-- Delete files
-- Add a song to a queue
+## Installation
+To install all these scripts into your iTunes library, you can manually copy them from this project to Library/iTunes/Scripts (usually the folder path is protected, so you can open the folder from the terminal):
+open ~/Library/iTunes/Scripts
+or copy them all by terminal doing:
-## Usage
-Install these scripts into Library/iTunes/Scripts
-``` batch
-open Library/iTunes/Scripts
+cp *.scpt* ~/Library/iTunes/Scripts/
+## Usage
+- Delete selected, removes physically the song.
+- Move Selected, move the selected files to the desired location.
+- Whack Current Track, removes physically the song that is being played. WARNING: doesn't asks for confirmation.
+## About
+The scripts:
+- Delete Selected
+Where written by Doug Adams ( and are provided under GNU General Public License.
+The scripts:
+- Delete Selected (doesn't removes the originals)
+- Whack Current Track (less notifications)
+Where written by Doug Adams ( and are provided under GNU General Public License, and updated by myself.

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