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# Take readings from the I2C SRF02 Ultrasound range sensor
import smbus,time,datetime
class srf02:
def __init__(self):
self.i2c = smbus.SMBus(1)
# The address in hex, look it up in i2cdetect -y 1 if you're unsure
self.addr = 0x70
def getValues(self, numberOfValues):
startTime =
values = []
for i in range(numberOfValues):
self.i2c.write_byte_data(self.addr, 0, 81)
time.sleep(0.08) # 80ms snooze whilst it pings
#it must be possible to read all of these data in 1 i2c transaction
#buf[0] software version. If this is 255, then the ping has not yet returned
#buf[1] unused
#buf[2] high byte range
#buf[3] low byte range
#buf[4] high byte minimum auto tuned range
#buf[5] low byte minimum auto tuned range
distance = self.i2c.read_word_data(self.addr, 2) / 255
mindistance = self.i2c.read_word_data(self.addr, 4) / 255
elapsed = - startTime
values.append({"elapsed": elapsed, "distance": distance, "mindistance": mindistance})
time.sleep(0.12) # 120ms snooze so we only take 5 readings per second
return values
def printValues(self, numberOfValues):
values = self.getValues(numberOfValues)
for value in values:
print (str(value["elapsed"].seconds) + "." + str(value["elapsed"].microseconds) + "," + str(value["distance"]) + "," + str(value["mindistance"]))