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#Take a source image and render it into Minecraft, Pi Edition
#assumes the Minecraft PI edition api is in the mcpi subdirectory
import Image, mcpi.minecraft
Debug = False
# palette values taken from
# these could also be worked out from averaging the colours from the sprites in mcpi/data/images/terrain.png
# and extended by including other block types, but 16 colours works ok
colours = {"White": {"argb": "FFe4e4e4", "tileId": 0},
"Light Grey": {"argb": "FFa0a7a7", "tileId": 8},
"Dark Grey": {"argb": "FF414141", "tileId": 9},
"Black": {"argb": "FF181414", "tileId": 15},
"Red": {"argb": "FF9e2b27", "tileId": 14},
"Orange": {"argb": "FFea7e35", "tileId": 1},
"Yellow": {"argb": "FFc2b51c", "tileId": 4},
"Lime Green": {"argb": "FF39ba2e", "tileId": 5},
"Green": {"argb": "FF364b18", "tileId": 13},
"Light Blue": {"argb": "FF6387d2", "tileId": 3},
"Cyan": {"argb": "FF267191", "tileId": 9},
"Blue": {"argb": "FF253193", "tileId": 11},
"Purple": {"argb": "FF7e34bf", "tileId": 10},
"Magenta": {"argb": "FFbe49c9", "tileId": 2},
"Pink": {"argb": "FFd98199", "tileId": 6},
"Brown": {"argb": "FF56331c", "tileId": 12}}
# store the tileIDs by the offset in the resulting palette List for later lookup
tileIdsByOffset = []
# create our intermediate image to do nothing but hold our palette
mcImage ="P", (1, 1))
palette = []
for name in colours:
val = colours[name]["argb"]
colours[name]["r"] = int(val[2:4], 16)
colours[name]["g"] = int(val[4:6], 16)
colours[name]["b"] = int(val[6:8], 16)
if Debug:
print name, val, colours[name]["r"], colours[name]["g"], colours[name]["b"]
palette.extend((colours[name]["r"], colours[name]["g"], colours[name]["b"]))
palette.extend((0,0,0) * (256 - len(colours)))
if Debug:
print len(palette), palette
#Source image from Ordnance Survey 1:250k color raster using their openspace api. Its geographic parameters are:
# plot the minecraft blocks at this Z position
z = 10
#TODO: read this png from a filename argument and eventually from http to a wms service
inputImage ="york.png")
#ensure the input image is a full 24bit RGB, then create a new quantised image using the intermediate image holding our palette
outputImage = inputImage.convert("RGB").quantize(palette = mcImage)
if Debug:
#save the quantised image so we can look at it"output.png")
#open a connection to our minecraft instance, defaulting to localhost
mc = mcpi.minecraft.Minecraft.create()
#if we assume the most common colour will be white, we can pre-paint the backgrund to save many setBlock()s
#35, 0 is tileID for wool, tileData for white
#this is going to be verrrry slow to use nested loops with getPixel(). srsly. slow. but minecraft's setBlock() is slower.
for x in range(WIDTH):
for y in range(HEIGHT):
# fetch the pixel value at the current position, the units are the indexes into our palette
pix = outputImage.getpixel((x,y))
if (pix < len(tileIdsByOffset)):
# lookup the minecraft wool tiledata ID for this palette entry
tileColour = tileIdsByOffset[pix]
# didn't find one, so default to white
tileColour = 0
if Debug:
print x, y, pix, tileColour
if (tileColour != 0):
# only draw a block if it's not white. 35 is the block ID for wool
mc.setBlock(x, z, y, 35, tileColour)