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OpenCV processing Xbox streaming game, injecting controller input to drive AI pilot

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GTA Pilot: Fly airplanes in GTA V on Xbox One

GTA Pilot running on Xbox One

The goal of this research project is to intercept the Xbox app game streaming and control the game with an AI player. This goal is achieved, and there is a simple autoflight system that will execute a predefined flight plan including a takeoff and landing.


The main componnets are:

  • A Frida script to read and write the data that flows through XInputGetState in xboxapp.exe
  • A library of code written against EmguCV that reads data from the cockpit indicators and turns them into normalized values
  • An AI pilot module to aggregate the data and execute commands against the game

Realtime data from image processing

GTA Pilot data anlyzer

The view is split into 4 rows (each column corresponds to the indicator at the top):

  • Indicator with yellow value overlay
  • Sampled data
  • Output data
  • Data servicing delay

There is a simple autoflight system, a basic flight director, modern primary flight/navigation displays, a virtual Inertial Reference System based on compass heading and airspeed. Simple PID controllers are used to maintain a setpoint for pitch and roll control.

I haven't yet figured out how to model the relationship between thrust and momentum, so there is sideslip error and we open the map to get a known position. For this reason the Franklin avatar must be used as we expect to find the green hangar building.

More demo flights

Watch a full flight 5 minute flight at 1x speed

Watch a full flight with analyzer data


  • Two 1920x1200 displays, system DPI set to 100%
  • Xbox app & controller
  • GTA V
  • Franklin avatar must have a hangar at the Los Santos Airport


To keep things simple, you must start at a predefined location in the first-person view of the Luxor or Shamal airplane.

Game start position

A starting position must be set in the game. Create a save point in the Luxor or Shamal airplane, in the blast zone for RW3 at Los Santos airport. Other airplanes will not work. GTA starting position at Runway 3

Game settings

GTA Settings Verify options under Settings / Camera:

  • Head Bobbing: Off
  • Ragdoll: Off

Xbox App Streaming Settings

Ensure that Streaming Quality is set to Very High

  • Start the Xbox app, proceed to the game start position
  • Keep the app in fullscreen mode
  • Start GTA Pilot
  • Set focus to (click) the Xbox streaming window, and observe the view move down as it locks
  • Press CAMERA button on the controller to activate the flight plan, engage autopilot modes and begin the flight

More information

Autopilot Modes:

  • HDG SEL: Heading Select, turn to and hold a heading
  • VS: Vertical speed, hold a pitch
  • ALT HOLD: climb or descend and then maintain an altitude
  • LNAV: Lateral navigation, follow the magenta line
  • IAS: Hold speed using thrust