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pdfpc Changelog
Version 3.1.1
*Released: July 2012*
- Bug fix for released C sources
Version 3.1
*Released: June 2012*
- Revamped overview mode, with better keyboard navigation support and better visual
appearance (thanks to rschroll)
- Support for configuration files. Now all keybindings are configurable
- Improved layout management (thanks to rschroll)
- (Hopefully) Improved handling of fullscreen modes
Version 3.0
*Released: May 2012*
- Renamed to pdfpc (forked from Pdf Presenter Console)
- Support for new poppler version
- Support for (textual) notes
- Support for overlays
- Overview mode
- Jump to slides by inputting the slide number
- Movement in 10-slide blocks allowed using shift
- Two additional timer modes: countup and end time of presentation
- Pause timer (useful for rehearsal talks)
- Support for mouse wheel (thanks to mikerofone) and bluetooth headset controls
(thanks to NerdyProjects)
- Freezing and blacking out of presentation view
- Presenter view starts on primary screen
- Definition of "end slide"
- Navigable history of jumps
Pdf Presenter Console Changelog
Version 2.0
*Released: 16. Jan 2010*
- Complete rewrite of rendering system to allow more sophisticated actions.
- Changed license of the project from GPLv3 to GPLv2+ because of
incompatibilities with Poppler. (Thanks to Jakub Wilk <> and
Barak A. Pearlmutter <> for pointing out this out).
- Implemented: Usage of left-/right mousebuttons for slide navigation.
- Implemented: Handling of navigational links inside of PDF files.
- Implemented: Abstraction to cache prerendered slides.
- Implemented: Compressed cache for prerendered slides.
- Implemented: Alternative way of executing the prerendering process to allow
for smoother navigation while slides are generated.
- Implemented: Means to switch displays in single monitor mode as well as dual
monitor mode
- Implemented: Disabled timer if a duration of 0 is provided
- Fixed: Build problems on Fedora 13 due to changed linking procedure
- Fixed: Slightly changed image data formats due to update of Gtk to Version
2.22 or higher.
- Implemented: Removed usage of deprecated Gdk.GC in favor of Cairo.
Version 1.1.1
- Fixed: Compile error with newer vala versions due to wrong property
- Fixed: Typo in help text
Version 1.1
- Implemented: Controllable interface for cleaner controller code.
- Fixed: Install target is now executable.
- Fixed: Warnings shown in one-screen-presentation-mode, due to non existant
process indicator.
- Implemented: Presentation timer as its own GTK Widget
- Implemented: Support for negative timer values (aka overtime)
- Implemented: Different Timer colors for normal time, the last x minutes and
- Implemented: Made last-minutes time configurable
- Fixed: Library paths were not used correctly for compilation
- Implemented: Fullscreen window as own Gtk class
- Fixed: Problem which caused the windows not be displayed on the correct
displays using the Xfce4 Xfwm window mananger.
- Implemented: Command line option to set the size of the current slide in the
presenter screen
- Implemented: A few more common key bindings
- Implemented: Hide cursor after 5 seconds timeout
Version 1.0
- Initial release
Local Variables:
mode: rst
fill-column: 79
vim: et syn=rst tw=79
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