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A base CRUD featuring news articles, uploads, users, roles, all features welcome
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Laravel 3 Bootstrap - Simple CMS / Backend

I built this for use with some really simple client work. It's not the cleanest code, doesn't utilise templating properly etc however it's a great starter point for people to see how various parts of Laravel 3 works. In development is a Laravel 4 version, utilising more advanced design patterns / features of the framework.

Feature Overview

  • News Articles (with image uploads)
  • User Management
  • Role Management
  • Help and Support (sends an email from a form in the backend)
  • Gallery and Images
  • Setup Of Database and User Automatic

Setting Up The Database

  • Edit application/config/database.php
  • Find the values saying "laravelbootstrap" and change to your own configuration
  • Then goto your application URL and append: /admin/setup
  • You will need to remove the routes for this in application/routes.php as this isn't automated yet.


Things in here are unfinished and a lot of it is undocumented. I've done most of what I can and there will be lots of bugs. This is just a starting point for what I'm hoping will turn into a nice bootstrap for plonking into a new client's website or even your own.

Contributing to Laravel Bootstrap CMS

Contributions are encouraged and welcome. All commits must be signed off using the "-s" switch.

git commit -s -m "this commit will be signed off automatically!"
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