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A Laravel 4, Bootstrap 3 CMS Built With SOLID Principles In Mind

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A Laravel 4.1 Bootstrap CMS

Screencasts: Laravel Bootstrap YouTube Playlist

A Laravel 4.1 PHP 5.4 CMS using Bootstrap 3. Laravel Bootstrap does not handle the front-end of your site. It merely provides a CRUD framework with some predefined systems (image gallery, pages etc) for you to enter and edit your data with.

Laravel Bootstrap Screenshot

It uses Redactor JS for content editing and provides a really simple way to prototype new 'objects'. You can make objects 'taggable' and 'uploadable' which means you can have unlimited number of tags associated with an item and also unlimited number of image uploads too.

Composer Require

Nice and simple

"davzie/laravel-bootstrap": "1.*"

Linking The Service Provider To Your Installation

Add this string to your array of providers in app/config/app.php


Publishing The Configuration

Publish the configurations for this package in order to change them to your liking:

php artisan config:publish davzie/laravel-bootstrap

Publishing The Assets

You need assets bro!

php artisan asset:publish davzie/laravel-bootstrap

Migrating and Seeding The Database

Seed the database, this pretty much just seeds an example user and settings. Migration is pretty simple, ensure your database config is setup and run this:

php artisan migrate --package="davzie/laravel-bootstrap"
php artisan db:seed --class="Davzie\LaravelBootstrap\Seeds\DatabaseSeeder"
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