GLTW: OpenGL "Training Wheels"
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GLTW - OpenGL "Training Wheels"

GLTW is a header-only library for use when learning OpenGL. It provides many useful utility functions that take over some of the tedious tasks and lets you get on with learning how to use OpenGL. It is based on OpenGL 3.2 core, and uses only core functionality. It provides:

  • Functions for compiling and linking shaders.
  • Functions for setting uniform variables.
  • Basic shapes (cube, cylinder, torus, etc.)
  • Some built-in ("stock") shaders.
  • Utility functions (check for OpenGL errors, etc.)

The philosophy of GLTW is that it should be used when learning OpenGL only. As techniques are better understood, it should be removed and the functionality implemented "from scratch."

It is provided in the hopes that it helps you learn modern, shader-based OpenGL.