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A simple PDF to SVG converter using the Poppler and Cairo libraries.

For Windows binaries see

For Linux binaries, see your package manager (e.g., "yum install pdf2svg" or "apt-get install pdf2svg").


  • Poppler
    • tested with v0.5.4 but other versions may work as well
  • Cairo
    • tested with v1.2.6 and v1.4.10 but other versions may work as well

To make and install pdf2svg:

  1. Download pdf2svg-0.2.2.tar.gz and unpack
  2. Change to the pdf2svg-0.2.2 directory
  3. Do the normal ./configure && make && make install


pdf2svg <input.pdf> <output.svg> [<page no of pdf or "all">]

Copyright (C) 2007-2013 David Barton (

Copyright (C) 2007 Matthew Flaschen ( Updated to allow conversion of all pages at once.

Copyright (C) 2008 Ed Grace Added GNU Autotools commands.