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1. Installation

The easiest way to use daemon is to install the haskell plattform and then use
cabal to install daemon:
$ cabal install daemon-x.y.tar.gz

On first run daemon will create a dot directory with a default config and a
default feeds file in your home directory.

2. Usage: daemon [-v | --verbose] [-C PATH | --config=PATH]
                 [-f PATH | --feedspath=PATH] [-p | --print]
                 [-c KEYWORD | count=KEYWORD ...] [-t | --tasks]

               verbose output

-c PATH, --config=PATH
                Use alternative PATH as config file.

-f PATH, --feedspath=PATH
                Use alternative PATH as feeds file.

-p, --print
                Print the news titles to stdout.

-c, --count=KEYWORD
                Count the occurrences of the KEYWORD in the news. You can use
                this option more than once if you want to count more than one

-t, --tasks
                Run the configured tasks if their thresholds are exceeded.

3. Configuration

daemon can run a custom command if a keyword is found more than n times in the
news titles. A sample configuration would be:

keyword1 = mars
keyword1_threshold = 3
keyword1_action = xeyes
keyword2 = saturn
keyword2_threshold = 5
keyword2_action = xcalc

Given the -t option, daemon will start xeyes if the word mars occurs in 3 or
more distinct news headlines.