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angelamhkim committed Oct 4, 2019
1 parent b5af57f commit dd7665cb45b87b796e744a5466676d012b801ce2
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Year,Gender,Race/ Ethnicity,Units,Value
2012,,,By Gender,22
2012,Male,,By Gender,39
2012,Female,,By Gender,4
2012,,,By Race/Ethnicity,22
2012,,White,By Race/Ethnicity,16
2012,,African American,By Race/Ethnicity,51
2012,,Latino,By Race/Ethnicity,23
2012,,Asian and Pacific Islander,By Race/Ethnicity,8
2012,,American Indian and Alaskan Native,By Race/Ethnicity,77
2013,,,By Gender,18
2013,Male,,By Gender,31
2013,Female,,By Gender,4
2013,,,By Race/Ethnicity,18
2013,,White,By Race/Ethnicity,15
2013,,African American,By Race/Ethnicity,44
2013,,Latino,By Race/Ethnicity,18
2013,,Asian and Pacific Islander,By Race/Ethnicity,5
2013,,American Indian and Alaskan Native,By Race/Ethnicity,41
2014,,,By Gender,21
2014,Male,,By Gender,38
2014,Female,,By Gender,4
2014,,,By Race/Ethnicity,21
2014,,White,By Race/Ethnicity,15
2014,,African American,By Race/Ethnicity,45
2014,,Latino,By Race/Ethnicity,23
2014,,Asian and Pacific Islander,By Race/Ethnicity,8
2014,,American Indian and Alaskan Native,By Race/Ethnicity,70
2015,,,By Gender,20
2015,Male,,By Gender,36
2015,Female,,By Gender,4
2015,,,By Race/Ethnicity,20
2015,,White,By Race/Ethnicity,15
2015,,African American,By Race/Ethnicity,53
2015,,Latino,By Race/Ethnicity,20
2015,,Asian and Pacific Islander,By Race/Ethnicity,8
2015,,American Indian and Alaskan Native,By Race/Ethnicity,86
2016,,,By Gender,19
2016,Male,,By Gender,34
2016,Female,,By Gender,4
2016,,,By Race/Ethnicity,19
2016,,White,By Race/Ethnicity,12
2016,,African American,By Race/Ethnicity,56
2016,,Latino,By Race/Ethnicity,19
2016,,Asian and Pacific Islander,By Race/Ethnicity,6
2016,,American Indian and Alaskan Native,By Race/Ethnicity,68

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