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Welcome to the Los Angeles SDGs wiki!

The purpose of this Wiki is to disseminate information on the Los Angeles SDG Data Reporting Platform.

The instructions in this Wiki are to be implemented alongside the documentation already provided in the Open SDG readthedocs.

Open SDG is a reporting platform developed for managing and publishing data and statistics related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is built exclusively with open-source libraries and tools and can be hosted and maintained using free services. Though the platform itself is available at no cost, it can be modified to fit a variety of user needs, and comes with many customizable tools and features

The Los Angeles SDG Data Reporting Platform has feature branches, a staging and live website, allowing web/data developments to be tested on our unadvertised feature branches before being merged into the staging site for final checks. The code for these websites is split across 5 repositories which ensures the NRP is modular and inter-operable.

  • Los Angeles SDGs: open-sdg-data-starter contains all the data and metadata for your implementation. A starter template is available here. Data and metadata imports, validation, and pre-processing are all handled here.
    • It also contains some python scripts to aid cloning and the removal of country specific data/metadata.
  • Los Angeles SDGs: open-sdg-site-starter contains all the content, configuration, and customisations that are specific to our implementation. A starter template is available here. This functions as our own custom Jekyll site.
  • Open SDG: open-sdg provides the core layouts, styling, and functionality for your site. This is a Jekyll theme designed to be easily customized if needed.
  • Open SDG: sdg-build handles the requisite pre-processing of your data and metadata. This is a stand-alone library which does not require customization.
  • Open SDG: sdg-translations provides translations of all the text used on the site. This is a stand-alone project which can be forked and extended to translate any implementation-specific text as needed. Even though the UK site only uses English, a lot of the code in open-sdg points at the translations within sdg-translations so thought that the code is general. This means that sdg-translations is still required for English.