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NodeJS module for Rdio
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NPM version Dependency Status

node-rdio is a wrapper for the rdio web service api.


npm install rdio --save

Future Changes - Please Read

This library is over 3 years old now. At the time I wrote it I was still fairly new to nodejs. Version 2 is coming!

Planned changes:

  • No longer required to pass in oauth tokens every request
  • getRequestToken & getAccessToken will be deprecated
  • New config() method for setup
  • Promises & event support
  • Shortcut methods for api endpoints
  • Data validation
  • Error handling

I'm open for requests. If you'd like to see something added, please open an issue.


var rdio = require('rdio')(config);

rdio.api(oauth_access_token, oauth_access_token_secret, {
    method: 'getTopCharts',
    type: 'Track',
    count: 10
}, callback);


api(access_token, secret_token, payload, callback)

  • access_token string - Oauth access token secret
  • secret_token string - Oauth access token secret
  • payload object - Data to sent to rdio. See rdio web service api documentationn for properties.
  • callback function(err, data, response) - Called when request is completed.


  • callback function(error, oauth_token, oauth_token_secret, results)

getAccessToken(auth_token, auth_token_secret, oauth_verifier, callback)

  • auth_token string
  • auth_token_secret string
  • oauth_verifier string
  • callback function(error, oauth_token, oauth_token_secret, results)


  • rdio_api_key string - rdio api key
  • rdio_api_shared string - rdio api shared secret
  • callback_url string - url oauth request will redirect to
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