@mfix22 mfix22 released this Feb 11, 2019

carbon: https://carbon-anunsvng6.now.sh

Minor Changes

  • Fix(package): update next to version 8.0.0: 533fe84


  • Add release script: 115ca7f
  • Make config simpler: f653d73
  • Remove old Collapse component: f1fc330
  • Move online/offline listeners into tweet button: eb8b3bd
  • Remove unused prop: 109adb4
  • Clean up editor state more with Spinner wrapper: 5dbed92
  • Use hooks for RandomImage: ac23f43
  • Move react crop stylesheet into component: 6f687ae
  • Use forward ref in carbon: 608392b
  • Fix copy button styles: 1f9f32f
  • Center tweet and export buttons: 4321c28
  • Preload experiment: ec101f0
  • Chore(package): update lockfile yarn.lock: 9ef70b3
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