Provides an easy-to-use ruby interface into the ExactTarget SOAP API, using the Savon client.
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ExactTarget SDK

An object-oriented wrapper for the ExactTarget SOAP API.

The ExactTarget web service guide can be viewed here:

With few exceptions, ruby conventions for capitalization are ignored and those outlined in the guide linked above are used. This is done in an attempt to be as transparent as possible, so that the API may be used by referring only to the guide linked above.

Note this SDK is currently quite incomplete, supporting only a subset of the possible objects and methods. The framework is in place, however, to very easily implement new objects by simply declaring their properties.


ExactTargetSDK.config(:username => 'foo', :password => 'mypass')

client =
definition ='CustomerKey' => 'my_triggered_send')
subscriber ='EmailAddress' => '')
triggered_send ='TriggeredSendDefinition' => definition)
triggered_send.Subscribers << subscriber

# Creates subscriber record, then executes the "my_triggered_send" trigger to
# that subscriber.
response = client.Create(subscriber, triggered_send)

puts "response status: #{response.OverallStatus}"
response.Results.each do |result|
  puts "result..."
  puts "  result code: #{result.StatusCode}"
  puts "  result message: #{result.StatusMessage}"