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vimrc building made easy via a web app

MIT Licensed


Building a vimrc file should not be difficult. You're configuring a code editor that was invented in 1991 after all. No-matter your experience level, there are always new ways to alter your vim experience, yet finding the commands to do so can be impossible as tips are scattered across the internet.

Build a snippet or an entire vimrc with vimrc-builder


Having a vimrc is nearly critical if it's your primary text editor. Certain things should have just been built in, but they are not.

Example: syntax on in your vimrc enables syntax hi-lighting

syntax on and many more options are available in the web app.


Please do! If you want to add more vim commands, find those here. If you have a feature request, submit an issue.

Color Palette

Inspired by Laura's article on color theory in web apps, this application was themed with the following palette:

  • Primary: (light pink) #fd746c (right side of background gradient)
  • Secondary: (juicy green): #BBEB64
  • Near white pink: #fff5f5 (use instead of white)
  • Near black pink: #1f0200 (use instead of black)


MIT © Dawson Botsford