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Reads in a services manifest yml file and creates the services listed and pushes an application.

This plugin extends cf push. So it will act the same way as cf push, with the exception that it creates the services first.

Additional Parameters

The create-service-push cli plugin supports the following optional parameters:

version 1.0.0 and above

  • --service-manifest MANIFEST_FILE: Specify the fullpath and filename of the services creation manifest. Defaults to services-manifest.yml.

  • --no-service-manifest: Specifies that there is no service creation manifest.

  • --no-push: Create the services but do not push the application.

version 1.3.0 and above

  • --use-env-vars-prefixed-with PREFIX: Allows services-manifest to use environment variables that have a prefix PREFIX for variable substitution.

  • --var KEY=VALUE: Sets a single variable to used to be substituted into the services-manifest. Can be specified multiple times. Does not propagate to cf push unless the --push-as-subprocess is specified.

  • --vars-file FULLPATH_FILENAME: Sets a single vars file containing variables to be used for substitution into a services-manifest. Can be specified multiple times. Does not propagate to cf push unless the --push-as-subprocess is specified.

  • --push-as-subprocess: Forces the cf push to be called from the OS as a sub-process rather than use the internal CF CLI Plugin Command architecture. This makes the assumption that there will be a file named cf or cf.exe that can be found in the current working directory or in the System's PATH environment variable. The CF CLI release version should be at least 6.37+, which supports variable substitution. This was introduced to work around a temporary breaking refactor change in the CF CLI plugin architecture where new features such as --var could not be directly used.

Note: Version 1.3.2 and above changes the alias from csp to cspush. This is because cf7 already uses csp for its create-space command. However, should one still want to use cf6 and the old alias, they can simply include the CF_CLI_CSP=1 environment variable when installing the plugin. For example,

CF_CLI_CSP=1 cf install-plugin CF-CLI-Create-Service-Push-Plugin

services-manifest.yml sample

- name:   "my-database-service"
  broker: "p-mysql"
  plan:   "1gb"

- name:   "Another-service"
  broker: "p-brokerName"
  plan:   "sharedPlan"
  parameters: "{\"RAM\": 4gb }"

User-Provided Services

Support for user provided services is now available as of v1.1.0

Introduces a new field called type, which is used to indicate the type of service that one wishes to instantiate. If type is not specified, it is assumed that the service is a standard brokered service from the market place.

type takes in the strings below, otherwise, it is assumed to be brokered

brokered: A marketplace service broker

credentials: A user provided service, holding credentials, that is used for credentials and connection strings etc. When this type is specified, a credentials field, along with arbitary number and type of parameters, is expected and must be provided.

route: A user provided route service. When this is specified, the field, url with https schema must be provided.

drain: A user provided log drain service. When this is specified, the field, url must be provided.

Sample services-manifest.yml showing support for brokered and user provided services of all types.

- name:   "my-database-service"
  broker: "p-mysql"
  plan:   "1gb"
- name:   "Credentials-UPS"
  type:   "credentials"
    host: ""
    username: david
    password: 12.23@123password
- name:   "Route-UPS"
  type:   "route"
  url:    ""
- name:   "LogDrain-UPS"
  type:   "drain"
  url:    "syslog-tls://"

Updating Services

Support for updateService is available as of 1.2.0

Updating of services is implemented here for only the service Parameters and Tags. Please see Tags section below for more information on limitations. Updating of services works for brokered, as well as all user-provided service types.

Updating of service plans is not supported for safety reasons where it maybe better do this in a controlled manner. (Happy to take on requests otherwise :-) )

The flag to use in the services-manifest file is updateService: <bool>. By default, this is set to False.

Example services-manifest.yml

- name:   "my-configserver"
  broker: "p-config-server"
  plan:   "standard"
  updateService: true


Support for tags is available as of 1.2.0

Tags are available for Brokered services only.
The CF CLI v6.37 currently does not support tags for user-provided services...yet!

The flag to use in the services-manifest file is tags: "comma separated <string>". By default, if not tags are provided, the service is created without the tags, i.e., don't include the -t in the service creation command.

Example services-manifest.yml for tags

- name:   "my-configserver"
  broker: "p-config-server"
  plan:   "standard"
  tags:   "Something, ConfigServer, appname-config-server"

Variable Substitution

Support for variable substitution is available as of 1.3.0

Variables can be specified via the parameter inputs --var KEY=VALUE and --vars-file FULLPATH_FILENAME, which sets a single variable or a specifies a file containing a set of variables that can be substituted into a services-manifest, respectively. Note that these flags do not get passed to cf push, unless --push-as-subprocess is specified.

In addition to the above, 1.3.0 also allows environment variables to be substituted in. This is done via the flag --use-env-vars-prefixed-with PREFIX. This is limited by environment variables that have been created with some prefix, e.g. APPNAME can be a prefix that one sets in the environment variable such as APPNAME_configserverID and will be picked up the plugin.

Sample services-manifest using enviroment variable

- name:   "((environment))-configserver"
  broker: "p-config-server"
  plan:   "standard"
  tags:   "((APPNAME_configserverID)), ConfigServer, appname-config-server"


A CF CLI plugin to create services specified from a services manifest yml file and then push an application to Cloud Foundry



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