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πŸŽ‰ Minimal Blockchain Learning CLI
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πŸ“– just includes installation guide. You can find detailed guide in this wiki page


A command line utility for learning Blockchain technical concepts likechaining, mining, proof of work etc.

ℹ️ About

Anyone who wants to understand how blockchain technology works, then BlockShell should be a great start. Because I have created BlockShell keeping blockchain fundamentals in the center of development. With BlockShell you will actually create a tiny blockchain in your system where you can create blocks with data, explore blocks etc.

So, by using BlockShell anyone can learn following blockchain concepts,

  • Block & Chaining
  • Hashing
  • Mining
  • Proof of Work

🌐 BlockShell Web Explorer

BlockShell comes with built-in blockchain explorer by which you can actully see how blocks are mined and what is stored and where.

Latest Mined Blocks Block Details

πŸ“¦ Installation

Step 1 - Create project directory

mkdir <project_name> && cd project_name

Step 2 - Create new virtual environment with python version 2.7.

virtualenv venv

Step 3 - Activate virtual environment

source venv/bin/activate


source venv/Scripts/activate

Step 4 - Clone this repo

git clone

Step 5 - Change directory to cloned one

cd blockshell

Step 6 - Install blockshell

pip install --editable .

Step 7 - Try "blockshell" command and test installation!


Output in terminal after calling BlockShell command

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