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=encoding UTF-8
=head1 NAME
Changes - Revision history for Alien-BWIPP
=head2 0.006 2010-07-01
=item upgrade to barcode writer version 2010-06-20, see upstream changes file
=item remove undocumented metrics feature, its intent is now handled downstream
in a better way
=item dependencies are handled for all barcode types
=head2 0.005 2010-01-13
0.003 broke 5.10.1, change work-around to work on both 5.10.0 and 5.10.1
(thanks, Jozef Kutej)
=head2 0.004 2009-12-11
increase required Module::Build version
=head2 0.003 2009-12-11
work-around for Perl 5.10.0
=head2 0.002 2009-12-10
small Build fix to better enforce the required L<Module::Build> version
=head2 0.001 2009-12-07
Initial release.