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# Dists
* rearrange dist/view
- core infos:
name, author, version, release date, kwalitee
- howto improve kwalitee
- kwalitee matrix
- history
- dependencie tree
- listed prereqs
- other dists using ... (recursive ?)
- modules provided
- stuff used
- metadata
* AJAXify dist/view
* various statistic views
(sorted by prereqs, by depenecies, ..)
- Display the real errors as seen by CPANTS.
e.g. shows a Pod error
and missing use strict. It would be nice if CPANTS could display the
error code (in the pod case) or the file(s) that have no use strict.
- One of the modules failing the extractable metric
but it does not seem to be on CPAN at all.
The same seems to be true to all 8 distros in this category.
- pls display the number of failing distros for each metric
on the page too
- Add a page to show the results of the Phalanx 100