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An Apple Wallet Passbook library in C#/.NET
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An Apple Wallet Passbook Library in C#/.NET supporting iOS 6+

Install PassSharp

PM> Install-Package PassSharp


$ nuget install PassSharp

Creating Passes

You will need to use the Pass class to set the necessary fields for the type of pass you want to create. (See Apple's Pass Design and Creation documentation)

var pass = new Pass {
  type = PassType.generic,
  passTypeIdentifier = "",
  description = "example pass",
  organizationName = "acme corp",
  "serialNumber" = "abc123456",
  teamIdentifier = "U1234567",
  icon = new Asset("path/to/icon"),
  icon2x = new Asset("path/to/icon2x"),
  icon3x = new Asset("path/to/icon3x"),
  logo = new Asset("path/to/logo"),
  logo2x = new Asset("path/to/logo2x"),
  logo3x = new Asset("path/to/logo3x")

You can now set more general fields (such as location, barcode, etc.).

pass.addLocation({ longitude: 10.0000, latitude: -10.0000 });
pass.addBarcode(new Barcode {
  message = "1234",
  format = BarcodeFormat.PKBarcodeFormatPDF417
  new Field {
    key = "pass-field",
    label = "pass-field-label",
    value = "pass-field-value"
  new Field {
    key = "pass-field2",
    label = "pass-field-label2",
    value = "pass-field-value2"

Writing Passes & Certificates

In order to create passes you will need to download the Apple WWDR intermediate certificate, and to generate your own pass id certificate from the Apple developers portal.

You can then write passes by including the Apple WWDR certificate, and the pass id certificate that you previously generated.

var myPass = new Pass { ... };
using(var myStream = new MemoryStream()) {
  PassWriter.Write(myPass, myStream,
    new X509Certificate2("../path/to/appleWWDRCertificate"),
    new X509Certificate2("../path/to/passCertificate"));
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