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A GWT Web Application that presents research data in the form of charts. Contains the code for Daxplore Server, Daxplore Admin and Daxplore Presenter.
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Daxplore Presenter

Daxplore is a system that turns survey data into web pages with interactive charts. The system has been used to create web pages for different research projects at Swedish universities, in order to make their data and research more accessible to the general public.

Daxplore Presenter is the web part of the project, which includes all server and web client code. It is accompanied by Daxplore Producer, which is a desktop application that turns raw survey data into the structured and anonymized data used by Daxplore Presenter.

Daxplore Presenter is an open source project under the LGPL license. It was initially developed at Stockholm University by Axel Winkler and Daniel Dunér. The project has been rewritten by and is maintained by Daniel Dunér.

The project has primarily been financed by AFA Försäkring, Stockholm University and Malmö University.

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