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A Java library used for reading SPSS .sav files.
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SPSS Reader

A Java library that reads SPSS .sav files.

Original project:

This is a fork of an Open Data Foundation project created by Pascal Heus (

The original project can be found at:

Major changes:

  • We have added an optional charset argument to the SPSSFile constructors. This makes it possible to read SPSS files that don't use the Java platform's default charset.

Minor changes:

  • We have made it possible to turn off logging, by making the logFlag in SPSSFile public.
  • We have commented out some code that prevented us from getting a variable's long name.
  • Updated the xmlns:xsl link in xml2html.xslt.
  • We have cleaned up and formatted the code to some extent, according to git and Java conventions.


GNU Lesser General Public License

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