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@scenejs/render npm version

Make a movie of CSS animation through scenejs.

In order to be able to use this module, make sure you have ffmpeg installed on your system (including all necessary encoding libraries like libmp3lame or libx264).

  • ffmpeg must be installed and available in PATH.
  • Or if it's in the local folder, set ffmpegPath. $ render --ffmpegPath ./ffmpeg


$ npm install @scenejs/render


# export mp4
$ render -i index.html --name scene
# export only mp3
$ render -i index.html --name scene -o output.mp3
# export mp3 file and mp4 file
$ render -i index.html --name scene -o output.mp3,output.mp4
  Usage: render [options] [command]
    help     Display help
    version  Display version
    -b, --bitrate [value]  Bitrate of video (the higher the bit rate, the clearer the video quality) (defaults to "4096k")
    -c, --cache <n>        you can pass Capture. (0: false, 1: true) (defaults to 0)
    -C, --codec            Codec to encode video If you don't set it up, it's the default(mp4: libx264, webm:libvpx-vp9) (defaults to "")
    -d, --duration <n>     how many seconds to play (defaults to 0)
    -F, --ffmpegPath       If it's in the local folder, set `ffmpegPath` (defaults to "")
    -f, --fps <n>          fps (defaults to 60)
    -h, --height <n>       Video height to render (defaults to 1080)
    -H, --help             Output usage information
    -i, --input [value]    File URL to Rendering (defaults to "index.html")
    -I, --iteration <n>    iterationCount of the Scene set by the user himself. (defaults to 0)
    -m, --media [value]    Name of mediaScene to render (defaults to "mediaScene")
    -M, --multi <n>        Number of processes to create. (defaults to 1)
    -n, --name [value]     Name of scene to render (defaults to "scene")
    -o, --output [value]   Output file name (defaults to "output.mp4")
    -r, --referer          The Referer request header contains the address of the previous web page from which a link to the currently requested page was followed. (defaults to "")
    -s, --scale <n>        Scale of screen size (defaults to 1)
    -S, --startTime <n>    Time to start (defaults to 0)
    -v, --version          Output the version number
    -w, --width <n>        Video width to render (defaults to 1920)


Start Rendering
Start Capture (startTime: 0, endTime: 2, fps: 60, startFrame: 0, endFrame: 171.42857142857144)
Capture frame: 0, time: 0
Capture frame: 1, time: 0.011666666666666665
Capture frame: 2, time: 0.02333333333333333
Capture frame: 3, time: 0.034999999999999996
Capture frame: 4, time: 0.04666666666666666
Capture frame: 5, time: 0.058333333333333334
Capture frame: 6, time: 0.06999999999999999
frame: 71, time: 0.8283333333333333
Capture frame: 72, time: 0.84
Capture frame: 73, time: 0.8516666666666666
Capture frame: 74, time: 0.8633333333333333
Capture frame: 75, time: 0.875
Capture frame: 76, time: 0.8866666666666666
Capture frame: 77, time: 0.8983333333333333
Capture frame: 78, time: 0.9099999999999999
Capture frame: 79, time: 0.9216666666666666
Capture frame: 80, time: 0.9333333333333333
Capture frame: 101, time: 1.1783333333333332
Capture frame: 102, time: 1.19
Capture frame: 103, time: 1.2016666666666667
Capture frame: 104, time: 1.2133333333333334
Capture frame: 170, time: 1.9833333333333332
Capture frame: 171, time: 1.9949999999999999
Capture frame: 172, time: 2
Convert Audio ./test.mp3
Convert Audio ./test2.mp3
Merge Audios
Processing start (totalframe: 172, duration: 2.857142857142857, fps: 60)
Processing: 0% done
Processing: 0.5780346820809249% done
Processing: 9.971098265895954% done
Processing: 21.38728323699422% done
Processing: 41.47398843930636% done
Processing finished !
End Rendering(Rendering Time: 62.248s)