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Gatsby Theme Gallery Contentful

Show off your portoflio with style.

Live Demo:

What is it?

This theme generates a pinterest-like portfolio gallery for your site. It also creates a page for each of your projects.


  • Pinterest-like root page
  • Ability to open each page as modal.
  • Supports and lazy loads videos
  • Social media share button
  • A11Y friendly
    • Uses @reach-ui/dialog for modal focusing
    • Press left/right keys when nevigating between pages
    • Icons have proper aria-label
  • SEO friendly
    • OpenGraph sharing support
    • Twitter Cards
  • Uses Theme-UI
  • (Almost) every component can be styled using theme-ui variants
  • (Almost) every component is extendeable.

Future features:

  • Full dark mode support
  • Pagination and infinite scrolling
  • "Related projects" at the bottom of each projects

Bugs fixing

  • a lot. need help.
  • React-masonry-component is not ssr friendly :( Gonna have to start over and find a better pinterest style grid for the default landing page. Anyway, you can override the gallery page by extending src/components/gallery-page-content. You'll have access to the graphql data and choose whatever design you want for it.


Contentful account

If you already have an account and a contentful space, you can skip this part

For this to work, you will need to have a Contentful account and the necessary api keys that we use for gatsby-source-contentful.

Content Model Structure

Once you have created your contentful space, you will need to create a content model that matches this structure. You would also need to have 1 content with all the fields populated.

Content Model

This exact naming is a requirement. (Sorry, I could have named it Projects but I didn't realize it until I'm too deep into the project).

Name: Portfolio

Api Identifier: Portfolio


Name Type Validations Example Description
Title Short Text Required My Awesome Project Name of the portfolio project.
Slug Short Text Required, Unique my-awesome-project Derived from the title. We would append this to the base path to create to the full path for each page. i.e. /portfolio/my-awesome-project/
Category Short Text Web Design
Description Long Text I built this in two weeks but I haven't touched it for another two weeks, and now I only have two days to finish it.
Media Media Photo or video This can be a photo or a video. The theme is smart enough to know which component to use for these specific formats. Might now work with gifs.
Video Link Short Text If you provide a Youtube, Vimeo or any other video urls, the theme will use it instead of the media you uploaded on contentful.

You can add more fields to your content model but the above fields are required.

Please note that you will need at least 1 content, with all the fields populated for it to work.

Theme Options

key default value Required description
basePath /portfolio/ Yes Root url that will house the portfolio landing page and will be prepended to each portfolio project path
baseTitle My recent work The title for the landing page and the SEO title
baseSubtitle This goes under the title on the landing page.
siteMetadata.siteUrl Yes Your site's url
siteMetadata.siteName Yes Your site's name
contentfulOptions required Configuration options from gatsby-source-contentful


npm install gatsby-theme-contentful-portfolio

// gatsby-config.js

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      options: {
        basePath: `/portfolio/`,
        baseTitle: `My recent work`,
        baseSubtitle: `You can put whatever here. It's all yours champ`,
        siteMetadata: {
          siteUrl: `localhost:8000`,
          siteName: `The New Site`
        contentfulOptions: {
          spaceId: process.env.CONTENTFUL_SPACE_ID,
          accessToken: process.env.CONTENTFUL_ACCESS_TOKEN

@TODO: Remove siteMetadata from options since you can query siteMetadata, site wide.


Extending a component

@TODO Extending components with queries example


No description, website, or topics provided.






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