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Stockfish for Mac

Stockfish for Mac is a powerful chess analysis app. Play two-player games on the beautiful chess board, or get instant accurate analysis of any game.

Stockfish for Mac web site

Mac App Store download link


Stockfish for Mac has many of the essential features one would expect in a professional chess analysis application:

  • Chess board with "Magic Move" animations, legal move highlight, best move arrow
  • Can interface with any UCI chess engine
  • Supports opening, viewing, and saving multi-game PGN files
  • System hardware detection to load 64-bit, SSE4.2, or Haswell binaries
  • MultiPV
  • Undo/Redo
  • Supports copying and pasting FEN strings
  • Supports some UCI options

Features Stockfish for Mac does not have are currently open tickets in the issue tracker.


Stockfish for Mac is powered by the open-source Stockfish chess engine. This project also uses source code from Tord Romstad's Stockfish for iOS app.


GPL version 3. Please submit pull requests if you make improvements to Stockfish for Mac!