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Bob the Scaffolder
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Merge pull request #8 from villimagg/bug/view_generation

Fixed the has_many_and_belongs_to issue in the model generator
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config ansi config and windows detection - thanks JasonLewis
tasks help page
templates Fixed the has_many_and_belongs_to issue in the model generator prepared for release
license.txt added license
start.php added generator stubs


Bob Logo

Bob can be used to generate all kinds of useful files and classes, for use with the wonderfully fabulous Laravel PHP Framework, authored by Taylor Otwell.

If you have used ruby on rails' generate, or FuelPHP's Oil you will be familiar with its syntax.

Bob was created by Dayle Rees, with thanks to Phill Sparks, Eric Barnes and Taylor Otwell for all the help and support.

Latest Changes:

  • Nested resources can now be generated.
  • PHPUnit tests can now be generated.
  • Bundles can now be generated.
  • Config files can now be generated.
  • RESTful actions can now be generated.
  • Generic classes can now be generated.
  • Output is now colored for clarity (check config to disable).
  • Many bug fixes and refactors.

For full Install procedure and Documentation visit the Bob website at :

Bob, Multi-Generator for Laravel

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