A list of resources for the Laravel framework.
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Laravel Resources

A list of resources for the Laravel framework. (work in progress)

Websites (tools)

Databse Design

  • Laravel Schema Designer
    • Tool to design your database schema which can generate migrations,models,seeds and forms.

Websites (education)




  • Jeffery Way Generators
    • This Laravel 4 package provides a variety of generators to speed up your development process.
  • Laravel Migrations Generator
    • Generate Migrations from an existing Database
  • Blacksmith
    • Blacksmith is a code generation tool which automates the creation of common files that you'd typically create for each entity in your application.
  • Larry Four
    • This package generates Models and Migrations from a text file. It can also create Migrations from existing tables.

Auth & ACL

  • Camelot Auth
    • Modular authentication library that supports OAuth 1 & 2, Local Auth and SAML2
  • Entrust
    • Entrust provides a flexible way to add Role-based Permissions to Laravel4.