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@daylightstudio daylightstudio released this 25 Aug 18:10
· 1406 commits to master since this release
  • Added colorpicker, dependent and toggler field types (see Forms documentation for more info)
  • Updated CKEditor to version 4.4.4
  • Added support for MySQLi
  • Added ability to create preview_path method on a model for better control of URIs associated with modules
  • Added before_label and after_label parameters to fields in Form_builder
  • Added is_post_processing and is_pre_processing flags in Form_builder
  • Added is_hidden and set_hidden methods to Fuel_layouts class
  • Added ajax_options method to Base_module_model as a convenience for getting a list of records on a model
  • Added add_error method to Data_record object (used by MY_Model)
  • Updated CMS CSS to better accommodate the CI profiler results
  • Updated the google_helper to include a function for universal analytics
  • Updated a some generated file templates
  • Changed database tables storage engine to use InnoDB instead of MySAM
  • Fixed issue where files weren't being uploaded to the correct folder
  • Fixed issue where PDF previews would show a broken image when selecting them in the asset selector
  • Fixed fix for when a module is disabled it doesn't load in the interface
  • Fixed issue regarding users being locked out after permissions being changed
  • Fixed issue with trying to use native CKEditor image and link plugins alongside the FUEL versions
  • Fixed issue with CKEditor when toggling between source and editor view and images being broken
  • Fixed issue regarding hiding key_fields from being editing in the CMS even when not auto incremented
  • Fixed issue when duplicating a page that has multiple language variables assigned to it
  • Fixed issue with 301 layout doing a 302 instead of a 301 redirect
  • Fixed issue when saving block fields outside of the pages module
  • Several documentation link fixes and updates
  • Various other bug fixes