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@daylightstudio daylightstudio released this 18 Nov 19:55
· 1313 commits to master since this release
  • Added a .gitignore file for common files to ignore (So beware in case it causes a merge conflict)
  • Added array_dot helper function to array_helper
  • Added _call() magic method to fuel_category_model so it will return the model object if get{module}(TRUE) is used
  • Added advanced search options for published and layout for pages module
  • Added second parameter to Fuel_pages::get method to allow for initialization parameters
  • Added logged in user's email address to the session since it's used with blog module
  • Added ability to specify button image for the datepicker
  • Added second parameter to Fuel_pages::get method to allow for initialization parameters
  • Added ability to force the language segment or query string value for default languages
  • Added ability to run module hooks for assets module
  • Added {file} placeholder option for uploading a file and wanting it to swap in the uploaded file name
  • Updates to assets field type to auto update the image preview
  • Updated default site documentation so it will more intelligently display description and comments from layouts and form field
  • Updated valid_email function to account for more modern email addresses
  • Updated csv_to_array helper to allow specifying where the header row starts and the length value
  • Updated Validator class so that the $_FILES array will be merged with the $_POST array by default
  • Updated pluralize function to allow for an array to be passed to it
  • Updated requirements to 5.2 due to using pathinfo function with PATHINFO_EXTENSION
  • Updated Data_record::values() method to use getNumberOfRequiredParameters instead of getNumberOfParameters when looking at derived methods
  • Fix for issue #288 to allow users to select from the URL page from WYSIWYG editor
  • Fixed issue using {safe_mailto()} function within a blog post and it not creating a parse error
  • Fixed error when duplicating a model record
  • Fixed issue with site_docs and a custom documentation layout
  • Fixed issue with CSS from another module not working correctly when passed to a form field
  • Fixed belongs_to/has_many record where conditions to parse placeholders
  • Fixed issue with repeatable fields and radio buttons not clearing their values
  • Fixed issue with with uppercase file extensions in the image selector
  • Several other smaller bug fixes