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@daylightstudio daylightstudio released this 01 Jun 18:51
· 1012 commits to master since this release
  • Updated to CodeIgniter version 2.2.1
  • Updated to use mysqli driver instead of mysql to avoid deprecated errors
  • Added generated post pages to make it easier to create list, detail, category and tag related pages for a module (
  • Added Select2 field type (
  • Added Embedded List field type (
  • Added additional parameters for Fuel_tags::find_by_category method
  • Added support for Twig templating engine (and ability to add other engines if desired) as a replacement for Dwoo (
  • Added ability to pass query string parameters along after a module save
  • Added the base_model_helpers.php in which your module models can inherit from to make it easier to create form fields (inherit from Base_model_fields), related items (inherit from Base_model_related_items) and validation (inherit from Base_model_validation) in there own classes
  • Added Social class and associated social_helper class
  • Added limit_to_user parameter to models to filter list results automatically by the authenticated user
  • Added red error indication on tabs that contain validation errors
  • Added "vars" method to module models which will pass specified variable values to the create/edit screen
  • Added "equalize_key_value" as a parameter to a select field type (was previously just for enum field types)
  • Updates to the debug_query method on the DB driver per
  • Updates to the generated base models and schema
  • Updated site_url function to alias to link_to function for better portability and less conflict with things like Wordpress (if integrated)
  • Fixed issue with fuel_tags_model and it using the categories to group options in it's options list
  • Fixed issue regarding datetime picker with times having an hour of 0 specified
  • Fixes for install page automatically scrolling when loaded
  • Fixes for link selector per
  • Fix for issue where required dates don't validate correctly
  • Fix for potential issue when uploading a field and the file name isn't specified