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This is a backbone plugin designed to work with Django's formsets. You will get dynamic add and remove buttons in the front end which your management form on the backend should understand.

Include this file then extend FormsetView like so:

View.MyForm = Backbone.FormsetView.extend({})

Here's a real world example of its use:

View.ToolForm = Backbone.FormsetView.extend({
  el: "#tools",
  template: _.template($("#toolFormTemplate").html()),
  deleteButtonHTML: '<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-remove" aria-hidden="true"></span>',
  addButtonHTML: '<button type="button" class="btn btn-default">Add</button>',
  initialize: function(){
    this.formPrefix = settings.toolFormsetPrefix;

In this case, I set settings.toolFormsetPrefix in the template like so:

var toolFormsetPrefix = "{{ tool_formset.prefix }}";

Additional Options

formPrefix: prefix for your formset... usually from {{ formset.prefix }} in your template

dynamicClass: class used to indicate a form that has been added dynamically. default is 'dynamic-form'

addText: Text used for the add button. default is 'Add'

addButtonSelector: if you want to use your own existing add button to add a new form

addButtonHTML: HTML used for add button. default is '' + this.addText + ''

deleteButtonHTML: HTML used for delete button. default is 'Delete'

addedCallback = callback called after form is added. default is ''

##Project status

The project was built out for a need we encountered during the development of Howchoo.com. For that reason, it may be missing features that you may wish for. Feel free to leave feedback as I plan on maintaining this project.