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WordPress Plugin: National Australia Bank XML API for Gravity Forms. This plugin allows to securely process transactions triggered by WordPress Gravity Form submission.
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NAB Transact XML API Payment Gateway Extension | WordPress Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms and NAB Transact make collecting credit card payments quick and painless! With the this Add-On you can capture credit card payments along with any additional data you want from the user right on your site, without sending the user to a 3rd party to complete the transaction.

Seamless integration

Automatically capture credit card payments with NAB Transact when a form is submitted.


For plugin to work properly you need to add below fields to payment form and ensure to label them as below

System requirements

The Gravity Forms NAB Transact Add-On requires Gravity Forms v1.6.2+, WordPress v3.3+ and a valid SSL Certificate installed and configured on your WordPress site.

Additional NAB Transact Add-On Requirements

To be able to use the NAB Transact add-on for Gravity Forms, there are a few additional requirements beyond those of a normal add-on.

Your form must contain uniquely labelled fields to work correctly

Please read below on Required form fields

SSL Certificate Installed and Configured

Because of the secure nature of capturing credit card information, the NAB Transact add-on requires a SSL certificate to be installed and configured. You will also need to configure your WordPress site to work properly with SSL

PHP cURL Extension

You will need this installed on your server to facilitate communication with NAB Transact

Required form fields (Production)

The following are fields that are required to be within your form to properly process payments via

  • Name on Credit Card
  • Credit Card Number
  • Credit Card Expiry date
  • Credit Card CVV2 / CVC number
  • Field with label 'Price' to reflect total payment amount
  • Hidden empty input field with label 'Payment Status' (will receive bank's responce code)

A working NAB Transact feed

In addition to the required fields being present within your form, you will also need to have a feed for the NAB Transact add-on to properly send the form submission data to NAB Transact. Without this, payment data is not sent to NAB Transact and therefore, the payment is not processed. NAB Transact Feed is created post add-on installation in WordPress Admin Dashboard (NAB Transact Add-on settings)

Public Test API Credentials

These should be populated in plugin settings page to test transactions coming through

  • Merchant ID: XYZ0010
  • Transaction Password: abcd1234

NAB Transact Portal – Public Test Login Details

Login to see transactions coming through

NAB Transact Portal:

  • Client ID: XYZ
  • Username: demo
  • Password: abcd1234

Test Creditcard number (test in sandbox environment)

  • Card Number: 4444333322221111
  • Card Type: VISA Card
  • CCV: 123
  • Card Expiry: 08 / 24 (or any date in the future)
Credit Card Types Accepted by default via NAB merchant facility
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
Payment amounts to simulate approved transactions: $1.00
  • $1.08
  • $105.00
  • $105.08 (or any total ending in 00, 08)
Payment amounts to simulate declined transactions: $1.51
  • $1.05
  • $105.51
  • $105.05 (or any totals not ending in 00, 08)

This plugin is a fork of Authorize.NET Extension for Gravity Forms This plugin contains Authorize.NET SDK

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