Usb Drivers Development Kit for Windows
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ybendito and YanVugenfirer Report superspeed properly on Win7
Win7 with USB 3.0 stack might not report superspeed
the same way as Win8 does. Use bcdUSB field of device
descriptor for that (USB 3.0 device connected to USB 2.x
port usually falls to USB 2 compatible configuration).
Getting the speed from HUB driver via IOCTL is more

Signed-off-by: Yuri Benditovich <>
Latest commit 4d1ecea Oct 17, 2018

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UsbDk (USB Development Kit) is a open-source library for Windows meant to provide user mode applications with direct and exclusive access to USB devices by detaching those from Windows PNP manager and device drivers and providing user mode with API for USB-specific operations on the device.

The library is intended to be as generic as possible, support all types of USB devices, bulk and isochronous transfers, composite devices etc.

Library supports all Windows OS versions starting from Windows XP/2003.


  • See ARCHITECTURE document in the source tree root.
  • See Documentation folder in the source tree root.
  • See UsbDkHelper\UsbDkHelper.h UsbDkHelper\UsbDkHelperHider.h for API documentation


Tools required:

  • Visual Studio 2015/Visual Studio 2015 Express update 3 or newer
  • WDK 10
  • Windows 10 SDK
  • Wix Toolset V3.8 (for building MSI installer)
  • WDK 7.1 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008 builds)


Just open UsbDk.sln from the source tree root in Visual Studio 2015 and compile desired configuration.

Installing and running

Use UsbDkController.exe to install/uninstall and verify basic operation. Run UsbDkController.exe without parameters for command line options.

Known issues

  • Installation on 64-bit versions of Windows 7 fails if security update 3033929 is not installed. Reason: UsbDk driver is signed by SHA-256 certificate. Without this update Windows 7 does not recognize the signature properly and fails to load the driver.